Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hundreds of dolphins have drifted into shallow waters

About 500 dolphins have been found in shallow waters near the mouth of
Manila Bay in what Philippines fisheries officials say is an unusual
What's caused these dolphins to drift into the dangerously shallow waters
of Manila Bay is a mystery.
The Philippines fishermen trying to stop the animals beaching themselves
have a major battle on their hands.
Three have already been found on the beach at Pilar town with minor
They were carried back out to sea by local residents.
About 500 dolphins are swimming around the waist-high waters off Bataan
Fisheries experts are trying to find out if an underwater quake might have
disorientated the animals or if they followed a sick leader.
Dozens of small boats are being used to stop the dolphins heading further
in towards the shore.
The hope now is that they can be guided back out into the safety of the
deeper open sea.