Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fishing the Gulf - Biodiversity and Fishermen

Dr. Juan Mate of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute speaks on the richness of biodiversity in the region, while local fishermen ... all » Chicho explains why everyone has turned to the sea for refuge. This film is provided by Withoutabox, "The Network for Independents." In operation since 2000, the Company administers the patented International Film Festival Submission System, now connecting more than 80,000 filmmakers to over 1800 film festivals worldwide, including 450 online submission partners. Audience by Withoutabox is the Company&s social networking site for filmmakers, film lovers, and festival-goers, featuring blogs, ratings, reviews, calendars, and ticketing for the Indie scene. Withoutabox&s Distribution Lab assists filmmakers in brining their films to market through pioneering concepts of customization, while allowing filmmakers to maintain rights to their work