Monday, January 14, 2008

Animals in the sunken ship

The Lord Strathcona went down on September 5, 1942 struck by two torpedoes fired by German U-boat U-513. Saganaga and Lord Strathcona were struck and sunk on the same day, each by two torpedoes. Saganaga was hit first and Lord Strathcona crew was searching for survivors when their vessel was hit. Being heavy loaded with iron ore, both disappeared underwater within minutes. No one died on Lord Strathcona but 29 officers perished on Saganaga.

With depth ranging from 75 to 125 ft, Lord Strathcona was the second deepest among the foursome. For some strange reason, the two of the deeper wrecks were also the most covered in marine life. In my mind, i called Lord Strathcona a "flower boat". The highlights were definitely the bow with the anchor in place, the stern covered with marine life and the towering stern gun.