Monday, November 5, 2007

Blennylips Bonaire Video

One of Bonaire's more spectacular shore dives. From the four foot jump in at La Dania's, the deep vertical walls and the plunging reef dropoff, to the huge abundance of hard corals; a dive not to be missed. Species seen: Blackbar Soldierfish, Blue Tang, Boulder Star Coral, Brown Chromis, Caribbean Reef Squid, Creole Wrasse, Elkhorn Coral, Fairy Basslet, Fire Coral, Great Barracuda, Green Finger Sponge, Lettuce Sea Slug, Orange Elephant Ear Sponge, Queen Parrotfish, Sea Fan, Smallmouth Grunt, Spanish Hogfish Juvenile, Stoplight Parrotfish, Stove-pipe Sponge, Tang Gang, Tiger Grouper, Touch-me-not Sponge, White Filefish, Yellow Tube Sponge.