Friday, August 24, 2007

Oil spill and pollution

These days, hydrocarbon and oil spills represent damages to ecosystems which cause irreversible effects to the wildlife where they occur. These spills not only produce severe damages to the global flora and fauna, but they also affect ecosystems in an irreversible way. Sophisticated skills for the recovery of spilt hydrocarbons and oils, as well as for the restoration of the affected areas have been developed scientifically; nevertheless, we must admit that these two stages are only effective when carried out in a timely manner and when the necessary resources and means are available. In light of the damage caused to nature and intending to contribute in the overall solution regarding oil spills, we developed an organic based powder, Velite, which absorbs, retains and degrades in an effective and permanent manner, all of the hydrocarbons and oils that are considered to be undesirable, without causing toxicity, in addition to being biodegradable, with positive ecological effects. Also, it needs neither confinement nor final disposal, since after the absorption is made, it begins the process of biodegradation on site, eliminating costs and manpower usually needed for collection, transport and storage. When used in land, once the absorption is made, the Velite compound merged with hydrocarbons becomes a magnificent fertilizer.When used in bodies of water (the sea, rivers, and ponds) the Velite compound having absorbed hydrocarbons and oils turns into an excellent food for marine fauna and micro fauna. For all of these reasons Velite is life insurance for flora and fauna, in earthy, rough soils and water bodies. (more)