Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Blue Planet - a natural history of the oceans part(1)

The Blue Planet, the definitive exploration of the Earth's final frontier is now over. From the deep to the shore, from pole to pole it revealed extraordinary life and behaviour that had never before been filmed. In some cases the species were only recently known to scientists the universe galaxy earth kurdi kurdish ari herki love peace war animal sea under woman child music hip hop rap Introduction - take a fresh look at the oceans and discover why Earth is a truly blue planet. The deep sea - the weird and wonderful mysteries of unexplored places Open oceans - head into the blue and find out how to navigate and survive in three dimensions Polar seas - from the power of ice to global warming, what makes life tick in the frozen seas Coral reefs - making connections in nature's more crowded tropical communities Seasonal seas - why timing is everything in nature's calendar Coasts - survival and adaptation in some of the toughest habitats on Earth
Sivan Perwer, Ciwan Haco, Xelil Xemgin, Dino, Aynur Dogan, Sehribana Kurdi, Kazo, Abdülkadir, Mihemed Sexo, ibrahim tatlises, Brader, Rotinda, Kawa, Xanemir, Xemgin birhat, Zinar Sozdar, Berfina Besta, Heme Haci, Denge Qamislo, Klame Gel, Ahmet Kaya, Semdin, Ebdulla Zerin, Zakaria, Blend, Koma Azad, Agire Jiyan, Dilo, Koma Amed, Koma Çiya, Diyar, Kamkars, Kardeş Türküler, Beytocan, Çar Newa, Sleman Hovik, Ferhat tunç, Said Yusuf, Reşo, Aram Dikran,