Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Marine animals near sunken ship

Dive Site: Sea Tiger
Depth: 80 - 120 feet
Location: South Shore
Visibility: 60 - 100ft
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Sea Life: wreck, Reef fish, eels, Occasional Reef Shark
This 168-foot vessel was sunk in 1999 as an artificial reef. Marine life and growth is still in the early stages. This wreck offers penetration through its cargo holds, passageways and stairwells surrounding the outer portion of the ship. Exploration of the inner cabins and passageways is restricted by means of welded barriers. The Sea Tiger is visited daily by Atlantis Submarines. For added safety, it is highly recommended that divers stay clear of the submarine and pay particular attention when transiting between the surface and the wreck. Although this wreck is relatively new, it has already attracted numerous species of fish including, squirrelfish and filefish, along with visits from morays and occasional reef sharks.