Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crocodile vs Cougar

Cougar vs Crocodile. (Cougar is the Winner). Cougars prey on adult crocodiles just like every other big cat. Pablobatistaner just can't seem to accept reality. In Devil Tiger and Jungle Hell 2 old movies. Tigers killed crocodiles water. Get real folks. Honestly everyone on here with a brain should understand a crocodile doesnt stand a chance against a jaguar tiger, puma, or leopard. Oh an of course there are videos of leopards taking prey from very large crocodiles. Pablo chose to steal a video of the smallest sub species of leopard in an area of asia where a crocodile takes a half eating corpse away from HER. Female leopard. Well ladies and gentleman there are videos of african leopards stealing food from very large nile crocodiles. THe pictures exist on the web. The 2 videos I'm thinking of just haven't been uploaded to the web. Btw besides fake pictures and videos of crocodiles doing nothing to big cats, what exactly has pablo shown? Nothing his videos are fakes pictures crap and videos of nothing merged together with music. I mean 2 year olds can see his videos are nothing. He doesn't have one real video or picture of a crocodile doing anything to a big cat. He's a bold face idiotic liar that Can't accept the crocodiles place in the wild. I mean come on he's a joke.