Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spiny Lobster going to Lobster Caller ebait

Video of Spiny Lobster going to ABT's specially designed and patented Lobster Caller (TM) sonic ebait. This footage was taken in Marathon Florida in experimental tanks. The soundtrack behind the video is a collection of losbster sounds gathered by ABT combined with a background of percussion and other sounds. Confirmation of the Lobster Callers effectiveness has been proven in commercial lobster traps to be be 80% more efficient than ordinary baits. The use of ABT's e-bait is also good for the environment in that it has eliminated the need to use short (live smaller) lobster as bait. The net effect of using the Lobster Caller (TM) is more lobster in the fisheries even though lobster fishermen catch 80% more legal sized lobster in their traps.